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Training Costs

Course 1: € 900

  • Theory (Lecture 1 and 2)
  • Practical training regarding the reserve parachute (Lecture 3)
  • Practical training on a grounded paraglider until a level of skills is reached which enables to start flying
  • 2 tandem flights with the instructor
  • 12 solo flights

Course 2: € 900

  • The theory of meteorology, aerodynamics, mid-air situations, Latvian airspace usage regulations etc. (Lecture 4 and 5)
  • 20 solo flights (exercises: pitch control, rotations – light spiral, wingovers, precision landing, ‘big ears’, landing with ‘big ears, use of the accelerator)
  • 3 flights in tandem with instructor to safely understand the dynamics of the spirale maneuver
  • 1 flight in tandem with an instructor to gain a safe and visual insight into the control of the paraglider in the event of an asymmetry (asymmetric collapse of paraglider). Video
School take-offs and landings are filmed to give the student a broader understanding of the process. If necessary, videos are analyzed.

Examination by the Latvian Paragliding Federation: € 60.
Pilot license is valid 5 years and costs € 75.

More information about the examination visit: paragliding.lv


School equipment is used during all practical training, and there are NO additional costs to pay. A student is entitled to a training discount in case he has equipment of his own.

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