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Paragliding flight in tandem with instructor

Tandem flight purchase form

€ 60

€ 60

Terms of use of flight card

Terms of use of flight card

Expiration date of flight card is 12 months from purchase date.

To book a flight you need to call 1-3 days before prefered day to +371 25547550.

Flighs are organized in Riga, rarely in Krustpils and in Jūrkalne.

You need to have stabile comfortable footwear for ourdoors (no high heel footwear), clothing with long sleeves.

Don't forget to take good mood!

Mierīgais lidojums tandēmā ar paraplānu

Akrobatiskais lidojums tandēmā ar paraplānu

Tandem flights in Jūrkalne

What is this, and how does it take place?

The passenger seat and the pilot hanger system are connected together in a single unit. The area of a tandem paraglider is large enough to take up a pilot with a passenger weighing up to 110 kg. At the start-up the paraglider is lying in a spread-out position on the ground. The pilot and the passenger are hitched to the winch cable, then a machine equipped with a special winch tows the tandem up at the altitude of 450 metres. The passenger needs to run some 10 metres during the take-off. When a sufficient altitude has been attained in mid-air, the pilot disconnects the cable and you hover together in a free flight above the ground. The duration of the flight is from 6 to 15 minutes, depending on the weather conditions.

Where and when does it take place?

  • At the Aerodrome of Rumbula: in the evenings on weekdays (from April to October) and during the daytime on week-ends (throughout the year).
  • Aerodrome of Krustpils: on Saturdays and Sundays when the club goes to Krustpils (from April to September).
  • The bluff of Jurkalne: when the right wind blows (throughout the year).

How to get to the Aerodrome of Rumbula?

Click here to get the route.

What to wear?

The only condition is that the clothing must be loose-fitting and long-sleeved. Footwear must be without high heels and firm.

How much does it cost?

A flight costs € 60.

Where to buy?

Tandēmi 33
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